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Today I thought it would be useful to explore the nuances of tocar, an extremely common verb which means much more than “to touch.” Although this is its literal meaning, in 23 instances of its use I documented while living in Mexico / Guatemala, only two were used in this way. One of these came from an argument between […]


Today I want to examine a very common verb which, like many high frequency verbs, has a plethora of meanings. Its primary English equivalents are to leave or to go out, although, as we’ll see, these translations don’t cover all of its possible uses. The verb is salir and its basic, present-tense conjugation look like […]

Gástarselas, arreglárselas, vérselas, etc.

Today we’ll explore a number of colloquial expressions which, to some degree, transcend grammatical comprehension. Rather than over-analyze them, I’ll ask you to keep an open mind and simply accept these terms as part of the language. If you commit them to memory, they’ll become great allies in your efforts at self-expression. With a small […]

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