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Today I thought I’d start a short series on the power verb llevar. As this word crops up over 100 times in the 250+ pages of notes I took while living in Mexico, I feel that it deserves special examination. Llevar gets a lot of mileage in the Spanish language and one might llevarse un buen susto by […]

Por más que…

The phrase “por más que + verbo” is part of a two clause construction and means “As much as…” or “No matter how much…”. Examples in English include “As much as I try, I can’t seem to find the problem” / “No matter how much I tell her, she doesn’t want to understand.” These sentences […]

Se me hace que…

While living in a small village in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, I came across a grammatical form which I had never been taught in any classroom. After visiting a friend’s daughter, I was asked, “¿Cómo se te hizo Norma?” My brain, of course, went into overtime trying to determine what the question meant: “How […]

No sabía que + indicativo/subjuntivo

Today I want to touch on a subject which often confounds students of Spanish, even advanced ones. The infamous subjunctive, while not entirely absent from the English language, can present all sorts of headaches to non-native speakers, whereas native speakers are rarely conscious that they’re even using it. Most students are taught that the indicative is used for […]


At some point or another, most students of Spanish discover that the verb coger is, for many native speakers, a naughty word. The dictionary translates it as “to take” or “to grab”, but in many countries it means “to f–k” (the main exceptions being Spain and the Carribean, where it is used extensively and without any […]

Más vale…

Today we’ll take a quick look at the expression “más vale…” and several sayings associated with it. Literally, this short phrase translates as “it is worth more…” but a closer equivalent in colloquial English would be the word “better”, as in “Better to be late than never.” Here are some examples of how this phrase is used: Más vale tarde […]

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