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Los aprovechados

It’s something about the holidays and the influx of family, friends and frenemies which brings out the best and worst in all of us. Today I’m going to focus on the “worst” part and specifically the human propensity to take advantage of one another, something which occasionally happens within families. Whether it’s that relative who […]


Today I want to examine a very common verb which, like many high frequency verbs, has a plethora of meanings. Its primary English equivalents are to leave or to go out, although, as we’ll see, these translations don’t cover all of its possible uses. The verb is salir and its basic, present-tense conjugation look like […]

Gástarselas, arreglárselas, vérselas, etc.

Today we’ll explore a number of colloquial expressions which, to some degree, transcend grammatical comprehension. Rather than over-analyze them, I’ll ask you to keep an open mind and simply accept these terms as part of the language. If you commit them to memory, they’ll become great allies in your efforts at self-expression. With a small […]

No se me da…

The verb dar is a power verb and one of the first that Spanish students learn. In its most basic form it translates as “to give,” as in the sentence Yo le doy a la manzana a mi madre. As with any hyper-used verb, however, it carries a seemingly endless array of meanings. While this […]

Llevar – Part II

Last post, we examined some of the most common uses of the Spanish verb llevar. Today we’ll dig a little deeper and discover what other things we can say with this versatile little word. We’ll start first with one of its most common meanings, which is somewhat related to the concept of “carrying something” we saw last time. In this […]

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