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¿Para o por?

¡Qué tiempos de locura! I’ve been largely away from this platform due to career changes and family health issues and, now, I return at a time when the whole world se está volviendo loco. The Spanish language, however, remains my passion and hobby and I figured, rather than simply watch telenovelas and skype with my […]

Los aprovechados

It’s something about the holidays and the influx of family, friends and frenemies which brings out the best and worst in all of us. Today I’m going to focus on the “worst” part and specifically the human propensity to take advantage of one another, something which occasionally happens within families. Whether it’s that relative who […]


Today I thought it would be useful to explore the nuances of tocar, an extremely common verb which means much more than “to touch.” Although this is its literal meaning, in 23 instances of its use I documented while living in Mexico / Guatemala, only two were used in this way. One of these came from an argument between […]

Cinco sonidos que te harán sonar menos “gringo”

One of the greatest debates amongst linguists is whether a non-native speaker of a language can ever achieve a native-like pronunciation, or whether certain characteristics of one’s first language will always make an impression upon the second. Some argue that, after a certain age, the brain fossilizes in such a way that it does not […]

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