¡No te hagas!

“¡No te hagas!” is a useful expression whose meaning is easy to understand but which cannot be translated literally. It basically means “Don’t give me that crap!” or “Stop playing dumb with me!” Although in Latin American the phrase is often used by itself, it can be elaborated upon…

  • “¡No te hagas el tonto!” = Stop pretending like you don’t understand!
  • “¡No te hagas la sorda!” = Stop pretending to be deaf!
  • “¡No te hagas la victima! = Don’t act like the victim!
  • “¡No te hagas la aparecida con él!” = Don’t pretend like your encounter with him is an accident!

Essentially, you just need to add an noun to the phrase to describe whatever it is you don’t want the other person to be. While these usages are extremely common, they are used for scolding and probably shouldn’t be the first phrases a tourist tries out on a local. Use them with your Spanish-speaking spouse or children, but otherwise accept it as something you’ll often hear but need not repeat…

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